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Local History
Natick was established in 1651 by the Puritan missionary, John Eliot, who settled a group of "Praying Indians" here on land granted by the General Court which was part of the Dedham Grant. To the Indians it was a "Place of Hills" and the name remains as such, Natick.
Per the Natick Historical Society and Museum, "Harrison Harwood Sr. founded the first baseball factory in 1858 and manufactured the Official League Baseball. The center-wound balls with figure-eight-stitched horsehide covers set the standard for baseballs. Later, cowhide was used to cover softballs. This "cottage industry" included women who stitched balls at home. Wagons delivered piecework and collected the balls for finishing."
The figure-eight stitching remains the standard for baseball throughout the world to this day and is an ever-present reminder of the impact our community and the Baseball Factory building represents.
Local Businesses
Natick is home to many businesses in both the public and private sector. Steps away from the BFC is Downtown Natick with its many banks, shops, bakeries, restaurants and other services catering to local dwellers and residents. Additionally, the TCAN (The Center for the Arts in Natick) offers an arts and entertainment venue showcasing local, national and international performances. Minutes from Downtown Natick is the Rt. 9 corridor which is lined with shopping opportunities like the Natick Mall, Sherborn Plaza and what is considered to be the first shopping mall in the U.S., Shopper's World. Natick is also home to the Natick Soldier System Center which is responsible for researching, developing fielding and managing food, clothing, shelters, airdrop systems and U.S. soldier support items.
Towon of Natick
To find out more information related to the Town of Natick's public works, political events, and community efforts, use the town halls directory of services to find the appropriate office to contact.
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Energy Conservation
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