About BFC
About the Baseball Factory Condominiums
The Past
The figure-eight stitched baseball cover was first developed by Ellis Drake in the 1840's. It was then mass manufactured in 1858 by H. Harwood and Sons of Natick, MA, the first baseball factory in the United States and even used at times by the Cincinnati Red Stockings during their 1868 and 1869 tour.
The Present
America's first baseball factory was converted to twenty condominiums and one commercial unit in 1989. Over the years downtown Natick has grown up around this historic building - and today the baseball factory is in the heart of downtown Natick.
The Future
The current board of trustees for the condominium trust is actively working to maintain the historic nature of the exterior and interior elements.
Java Jim's - 321 steps
22 Main St Natick -- One of the best kept secrets in MetroWest, great coffee and breakfast sandwichs. The coffee is excellent served hot or cold with several varieties and you can get flavor shots.
Morse Library - 446 steps
Morse Institute Library has something for everyone. We have books, magazines, newspapers, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, compact discs, large-print books, and books-on-tape.